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Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2016 16.0

01.03.2016 09:30 

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2016 16.0

Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme - идеальное решение для просмотра, создания, редактирования и разметки PDF документов. Bluebeam также добавляет кнопки в панель инструментов MS Office для удобного редактирования и создания PDF. В целом, Bluebeam довольно не плохая альтернатива Adobe Acrobat.
Основные возможности:
- Создание PDF из любого Windows или CAD приложения
- PDF разметка, редактирование и просмотр
- Преобразование в 9 других форматов, включая TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, PNG, PSD, EMF, WMF и PCL
- Добавляет Bluebeam кнопки на панель инструментов AutoCAD LT
- Настройка безопасности PDF и цифровых подписей
- Добавлене водяных знаков, PDF закладки и т. д.

Key Features:
- OCR+
- PDF form creation
- Scripting
- Redaction
- Structures
- Batch Link
- Batch Slip Sheet
- Bluebeam Studio™

What's in this edition?
- Every 2D and 3D PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration feature in Revu CAD
- PDF form creation for adding text and digital signature fields, buttons and advanced form fields that automatically calculate values and define actions
- Redaction to permanently remove sensitive content from PDFs
- Structures™ to add complex, hierarchical bookmarks by pulling in dynamic content from bookmark templates or an existing PDF
- Scripting commands that can automate both advanced and simple processes like adding stamps, headers and footers, cover sheets and security
- Batch Link® to automatically generate unlimited hyperlinks by file name, page label or page region.
- Batch Slip Sheet, which automatically matches new revisions with their corresponding current sheets, and carries over all markups, hyperlinks, Spaces and bookmarks—all while stamping superseded sheets
- OCR+ to transform scanned PDFs, even those with skewed or vertical text, into text-searchable and selectable files

Who Uses eXtreme?
- Administrators
- Law Firms
- Federal, State and Local Government Offices
- Construction Firms
- Document Controllers
- Power Users

More Features:
- PDF Creation, Batch, 3D PDFs, PDF Editing, OCR, PDF Forms.
- PDF Markup, Tool Chest, Markups list, Redaction, PDF Measurement, Sketch Tools, Legends.
- Search, Navigation, Customization, File Access, Structures, Link & Organize, Integration, Scripting, Sets, Batch Slip Sheet.
- Bluebeam Studio, Security, Compare Documents, Tablet PC.

New in Bluebeam Revu 2016:
Similar to a legend on a map, Legends can help anyone looking at a PDF have an immediate understanding of the markups on the page. Add any individual markup by right-clicking it and then selecting the option to add it to a legend. You can also add an entire tool set to a legend so that markups applied to PDFs from the tool set are automatically updated.
Batch Markup Summary:
Report on and export data from multiple PDFs, including those in Sets. Create a single markup summary from multiple PDFs, or individual summaries per PDF. Choose from multiple sorting and filtering options, create custom-formatted PDF reports with PDF templates, and export to XML and CSV summaries to further manipulate your data.
Sets Improvements:
Sets allows users to view, access and navigate an unlimited number of various source files as if they are a single document in a single tab. This feature now includes the following functionality:
Tags: Individual sheets can now be easily tagged with meaningful data such as the sheet number, sheet name, revision number and more. Tags can be used to categorize, sort and manage revisions for all sheets within a Set.
Drawing Log: Drawing logs can be easily generated from any Set. The drawing log includes important data for all documents within a Set and can be exported as PDF, XLSX or CSV.
Revit Plugin Enhancements (CAD and eXtreme Only):
The Bluebeam plugin for Revit converts sheet sets into PDFs, and 3D models into 3D PDFs. Revu 2016 improves this experience by generating new Spaces from Rooms in Revit (versions 2015-2016 only). Additional options include adding area measurement markups to the PDF directly through the plugin.
Other updates include:
Improved 3D PDF creation from .rvt files containing Linked Models.
Improved accuracy of colors and material properties.
AutoMark 3.0 / OCR+ Enhancements (eXtreme only):
In Revu eXtreme 2016, OCR+ is faster, more accurate, and recognizes both horizontal and vertical text on the same page. Both features now share the same updated text-recognition engine along with improved accuracy and consistency in the results.
Batch Link Enhancements:
Batch Link automates the process of creating hyperlinks for quick navigation between documents. Now additional formatting options for highlighting hyperlinks are available. In addition to automatically placing highlight markups on top of hyperlinks, you can automatically flatten these highlights, or apply a hyperlink highlight style that stays with the hyperlink as it moves on the page.
Compare Documents and Overlay Pages Enhancements:
Compare Documents and Overlay Pages can now ignore flattened markups when comparing PDFs, if they were set to being recoverable when flattening in Revu.
Document Tabs Enhancements:
Document tabs now display a thumbnail preview of the PDF content when hovering the mouse cursor over them. Open documents in the background by pressing the Control key while clicking to open a file in the File Access tab or a link to another document. This allows you to quickly open multiple files while keeping the focus on the document you’re currently working on.
Batch Slip Sheet Enhancements (eXtreme only):
Batch Slip Sheet now has improved matching logic. View a more refined display of matched and unmatched pages before running the batch process to help you catch unmatched sheets.
New Markup Alignment Options:
Align Middle, Center, and Center in Document have been added for improved markup formatting.
XFA Support Enhancements:
XFA form (dynamic and static) support has been improved to include increased accuracy of form layouts, along with further compatibility with JavaScript and other content within these form types.
Digital Signatures Enhancements:
Hyperlinks can now be placed on a document that contains digital signatures without invalidating the document.
New Keyboard Shortcuts:
New keyboard shortcuts for markups are now available to speed up your workflow:
Edit Action (Ctl+Shift+E)
Autosize Text Box (Alt+Z)
Snap to Content (Ctl+Shift+F8)
Snap to Markup On/Off (Ctl+Shift+F7)
Snap to Grid On/Off (Ctl+Shift+F9)
Align Center (Ctrl+Alt+E)
Align Middle (Ctrl+Alt+M)
New User Interface Enhancements:
Next Page, Last Page, Previous View and Next View buttons in the Navigation toolbar are now statically placed for quicker navigation.
The Escape button makes de-selecting markups and tools simple for tablet users.
Triple-click to select all text on a line for faster text selection and editing.
The status bar makes switching between various snap modes easy.
This update also includes a number of additional key fixes and improvements, including:
Addressed various issues that caused PDF files to render content incorrectly.
Resolved issues with some PDF files unexpectedly displaying text strings with certain fonts as garbled text.
Fixed issues with hyperlinks pointing to Bentley ProjectWise destinations when PDF files originated from the Bluebeam plugin in Microsoft Word.
Resolved duplicate embedding issues occurring with markups using some fonts such as Arial and MS Gothic.
Improved handling of fonts when converting certain Word files to PDF using the Bluebeam plugin.
Addressed problem with the Revu interface incorrectly sizing/maximizing when using multiple monitors with different resolutions.
Fixed issue with Spaces not correctly displaying in the Spaces tab when using Sets.
Resolved compatibility issues with PDFs created from Oracle BI Publisher.
Improved support and tracking of updated sequence markups when marked-up files are merged into the same document.
Addressed an issue that caused the Compare Document function to incorrectly compare some PDF files with different page sizes.
Fixed problem with bFX tab navigation unexpectedly scrolling back to the top in Studio Sessions with numerous files.
Resolved issue in which “Paste in Place” resulted in unexpected shifting when objects were pasted.
Addressed an issue that caused certain count markups to lose their subject and label when placed on certain PDFs.
Fixed issue with hyperlinking failing when Open Hyperlinks in Revu WebTab was enabled.
Resolved some issues in PDF AcroForms in which font sizes or appearances could change unexpectedly after text was input.
Fixed an issue with Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK text) appearing scrambled in PDF Flags.
Resolved an issue where text with PDF form fields could unexpectedly shift after the document was flattened.

Версия программы: 16.0
Год выпуска: 2016
Оф. сайт: www.bluebeam.com
Язык интерфейса: Ml | Eng
Лечение: Crack
Платформа: Windows 8/XP/Vista/7
Размер: 1,50 GB

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